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A beautiful winter’s day

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Well it’s a sunny 10 degree’s outside today! No torching today as even though the sun is shining, its still just a wee bit nippy outside. Instead, I’m hoping to get some sewing done. There is a nappy bag for us and a circle skirt for my mum to be made.

I also have knitting on the go as well. I’m trying to stick with it as knitting is damn well hard apparently. Give me one hook and I can crochet anything, put two needles in my hands and I cant even hold the silly things. I’m slowly overcoming this though. Slowly..

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Here’s one of my handbags that I made a couple of months ago. Was amazed at how many compliments that I got for the material that I used. Here’s the link to the free pattern that I used. Made by Rae: Buttercup Bag

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Hens night outfit

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So for my hens night a couple of months ago I created my first costume. I wanted a gothic style piece as we were going to Dracula’s in Melbourne. So I made up a black hoop skirt, that had an overlay skirt made out of silk dupion and black bridal netting. For the top, I made my first corset, once again made from silk dupion and another 4 layers of backing material to make it firm. It had full boning and a steel husk in the front.

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