Ivory Heart Pendant with Red lily

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One of the focal beads that I did yesterday. Actually its not a bead per say, it has a hole in the top where you put a bail in to hang it off a necklace or something.  Made from Ivory glass with a lovely big red lily on one lobe.

You can purchase it through my website via this link : http://www.vicareflameworks.com/lampwork/focals/lf39.php



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Off to finally torch for an hour or so. Will hopefully have pics up tomorrow of what I’ve managed to get done! :D


Vicare Flameworks Blog

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This is where I share all my crafty goods. That includes lampwork, yarn craft, sewing, jewellery, drawing and whatever else I get my hands on. Comments are appreciated on my posts!


Vetro Red Custom Bracelet

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This is a beautiful handmade custom bracelet that was requested by a customer. It features Vetrofond Red coin lampwork beads with fine silver, swarovski crystals and all wire work is sterling silver.

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A beautiful winter’s day

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Well it’s a sunny 10 degree’s outside today! No torching today as even though the sun is shining, its still just a wee bit nippy outside. Instead, I’m hoping to get some sewing done. There is a nappy bag for us and a circle skirt for my mum to be made.

I also have knitting on the go as well. I’m trying to stick with it as knitting is damn well hard apparently. Give me one hook and I can crochet anything, put two needles in my hands and I cant even hold the silly things. I’m slowly overcoming this though. Slowly..

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New Silver Glass Focal

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This focal has been created using Double Helix Silver glass. It has been encased and decorated with raised stringer. It measures approximately 1 inch tall and around the widest point it is around 1.7cm. You can find it for sale here

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