Not a lot new..

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Well in the coming months I wont be able to add much if anything new to this blog to do with glasswork. We are expecting our first bub in the next 5 weeks and I am unable to torch and wont be torching for a while after bubs is born. As soon as everything gets organised, I will get straight back into the saddle and making new things. Thanks everybody :D


Orange Hephalump Bead up for sale!

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What a bright addition to your beady stash this gorgeous hephalump bead would be. He (or she) measures 2.4cm from their trunk to their tail, approximately 2cm from the top of their back to his foot and is 9mm thick. Buy it here!

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Hephalump Bead and Hephalump Pendant!

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We have here a hephalump BEAD and PENDANT up for grabs. The beautiful green hephalump is the bead which has a vertical hole running from between his ears to the front foot and the Sediment hephalump is the pendant :D Both available through my website and Etsy!



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Wow have I been on a hephalump kick lately. Ive been going nuts making them, they are so much fun! All of them can be found through my website here and through etsy here. Please keep in mind Australian residents that Etsy trades in US DOLLARS.


Hephalump Pendant Focals

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They arent up on the website yet but should be by tomorrow night. These are my hephalump pendant focals so like the hearts below, a bail is installed and you can wear it on a necklace :)


Orange and white organic Heart Pendant

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I made a really yummy orange and white organic heart pendant and I reckon it would look great on a necklace. Same deal as the ivory heart, you put a bail in the top to wear it :) It measures 3cm from the top of the lily to the bottom point of the heart and is about 1cm thick. If you are interested purchasing it or would like to know more about it, you can contact me through www.vicareflameworks.com or purchase through this link http://www.etsy.com/listing/50146361/orange-and-white-organic-heart-pendant (please keep in mind that Etsy uses US dollars)